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@5ZF29M5Greenfrom California  answered…3mos

The lack of paid leave in general is a system that only begets inefficiency cycle after cycle. In some countries, men and women will have up to a year or two of government or privately sponsored sick, and more importantly paternity/maternity leave. This is because other countries know that to properly raise a child, one must really be around all the time in the early years, if possible. I believe the lack of time spent in raising a child can be reflected in the sad state of affairs in this country. People grow up less ready for this world, and ultimately less connected to it because they didn't have their father around a lot as a kid, who was constantly working late to give me and my sister a better life. And in that regard, I advocate family leave in general.

@6289KVJGreenfrom Illinois  answered…3mos

Businesses should only grant paid maternity leave for two kids and sick leave.

@5Z2MWCBDemocratfrom Pennsylvania  answered…3mos

I'm not opposed to paid leave for maternity use. But I also think that men and women who decide NOT to have children are then treated unfairly. Why should we get less time off because we're not procreating. I do NOT think employees should be paid for time off to take care of sick children. Again... not fair to employees without children.

@9RGJL6NPeace and Freedom from Missouri answered…1wk

I think this is something that should be decided by the state government or the company in which the employee is being provided.

@9RBYDPXConstitution from Washington answered…2wks

Yes, but make it extremely restrictive and use funds from the federal government rather than forcing businesses to pay.

@9RBQLBNVeteran from Mississippi answered…2wks

Yes, if the workers pay into a company matching fund to support it.

@Imani-MurryLibertarian from North Dakota answered…3mos

Possibly, but only if enacted through voluntary means-- not enforced through government.

@9MHY7MQVeteran from Indiana answered…3mos

Yes, but the paid leaves for either should be limited to a realistic amount of time so they are not taken advantage of.

@9MCQYTQWomen’s Equality from New York answered…3mos

Yes, but Govt backed for women and business covered for men

@9M68SPLAmerican Solidarity from Indiana answered…3mos

Yes, but only getting proof first. Also for father's if there partner is expecting.

@9M64392Republican from Texas answered…3mos

For pregnancy, yes. For illness, it depends on what illness you are dealing with.

@9LZWKNLRepublicanfrom Guam  answered…3mos

Yes, but it should be partial and the company can decide the proportion

@9LXGGD9Veteran from Indiana answered…3mos

No, this is up to the company and whether or not something like this is even feasible.

@9LX6C3ZWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…3mos

They should give them money so they can use for groceries and necessary things they need to use the money.

@9LWBC9QTranshumanist from Michigan answered…3mos

Businesses can not afford to pay people to not work, then pay another person to do the job of the person that is off. People should either be responsible for saving and managing their time off or such things should be covered by an insurance program.

@9LQ2LGHTranshumanistfrom Guam  answered…3mos

No, an intentional pregnancy should be planned, but a sick family member cannot be.

@9LKQPJMWorking Family from Tennessee answered…3mos

@9LHJDC3Women’s Equality from Arizona answered…3mos

Yes, mental health is just as important as physical health.

@9LD4N5XRepublican from Oklahoma answered…3mos

Yes, but the government should only require a minimum standard and let businesses offer competitive incentives beyond that

@9L82KMPVeteran from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

@9L5FPKLGreen from Michigan answered…3mos

Yes, but sickness requires proof and, unless it is a disease that can be very harmful, should have a time limit (maybe 1 week).

@9KYG49MWorking Family from California answered…3mos

Yes, but only the people who have child birth should be able to have full salary in their time period.

@9KQF9KJPeace and Freedom from Missouri answered…3mos

@9KNDHPXGreen from Utah answered…3mos

Leave should be allowed and paid, but reduced by UBi. If profit sharing is included then pay exemptions should be allowed.

@9KNBTCHVeteran from Illinois answered…3mos

Yes, based on the amount of leave accrued during their employment.

@9K829D9Veteran from Oregon answered…3mos

@9K2SJ3PPeace and Freedom from Ohio answered…3mos

Small businesses should be exempt from the requirement, or should receive Government assistance.

@9JZCNFRConstitution from Michigan answered…3mos

Yes only for maternity leave be mandated. For others, that's up to the company

@9JYS2VZPeace and Freedom from Missouri answered…3mos

yes, federal gov. should sponsor these programs, the lack of paid sick and maternity leave in this country compared to others is ridiculous

@9JSBPCQRepublican from Missouri answered…3mos

Yes, but only for Mothers, fathers do not need to receive as much payment as the mothers.

@9JB6D5FVeteran from Colorado answered…3mos

No, it should left up to the employer who can make it part of a benefits package to get the best employees.

@9J8TLH9Democrat from New York answered…3mos

No, but they should be required to provide more paid leave in general.

@9J7W3QNDemocrat from Virginia answered…3mos

Yes, but the company should be able to institute its own policy on this matter. This “benefit” could be a drawing point for bringing in higher caliber talent.

@9HYLPL5Veteran from Idaho answered…3mos

@9HXR6YVLibertarian from New Jersey answered…3mos

@Monica-VeraIndependent from Illinois answered…3mos

Yes, but with limits or up to a certain percentage depending on the time employed

@9HSDBYCTranshumanist from Oklahoma answered…3mos

Yes, mainly for Sick people, but only a certain amount of times for pregnancies.

@9HQRPLDDemocrat from New Mexico answered…3mos

Yes, if businesses have enough capital and funding to do so. However, I don't think the government should have a say so in what a business should do.

@9HNWZYNGreen from Ohio answered…3mos

@9HMC8FCWomen’s Equality from Minnesota answered…3mos

Yes with doctors note confirming pregnancy or illness. Smaller businesses may be exempt from this.

@Debbie-ColigadoWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…3mos

Yes, and the responsibility should be shared between the government and businesses

@Matthew-WeberWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…3mos

@9HJZKK2Democrat from Nevada answered…3mos

Yes, but precautions should be taken to ensure it will not be misused.

@Tanya-Carmona-Da…Women’s Equality from California answered…3mos

Yes, but the federal government and the private business should sponsor the leave 70-30%

@9HFMDFMPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…3mos

Yes, if only the company or owner can pay and/or afford it, even though they should still help

@9H9X276Veteran from Massachusetts answered…3mos

Yes and no, while I believe that such payment is good, there is also a business side to it, there should be a limit on the number of these days you are paid on, and you should not be paid as much as you would in work if you are not performing at an acceptable capacity (such acceptable capacity determined by the company).

@9H9HTS7Green from Texas answered…3mos

Yes and no. A change in welfare systems to a Universal Basic Income System can socialize some of the cost of lost wages. The remaining costs that would bridge the gap between that amount and the salary fo the employee should be decided upon by the company based on the size and income of the company. Paid leave should be mandatory with a reasonable cap given the above.


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