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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

No, private businesses should decide the amount of competitive incentives they offer to employees instead of a government mandate

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Yes, but the federal government should sponsor this program instead of businesses

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Yes, but only for sick leave which is unexpected, instead of pregnancy which is a personal choice

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

@4Z78JTHfrom Illinois  answered…2yrs

Businesses should only grant paid maternity leave for two kids and sick leave.

@4YCZ8L4from California  answered…2yrs

The lack of paid leave in general is a system that only begets inefficiency cycle after cycle. In some countries, men and women will have up to a year or two of government or privately sponsored sick, and more importantly paternity/maternity leave. This is because other countries know that to properly raise a child, one must really be around all the time in the early years, if possible. I believe the lack of time spent in raising a child can be reflected in the sad state of affairs in this country. People grow up less ready for this world, and ultimately less connected to it because they didn't have their father around a lot as a kid, who was constantly working late to give me and my sister a better life. And in that regard, I advocate family leave in general.

@95VK2YB from Indiana answered…7hrs

Yes, But both businesses and government should share in this. Businesses should pay proportionally to their profit and the government can subsidize the rest.

@95TJMW6 from Utah answered…1 day

@95T2W4P from Texas answered…1 day

@95T982XProgressive from Wisconsin answered…1 day

Yes, but small businesses should get help from government subsidies if under a certain number of employees and if necessary.

@95SKX9B from Oregon answered…2 days

Yes, but the federal government should sponsor this program instead if said businesses have less than 100 employees

@95SLGBK from Missouri answered…2 days

@95RM6J6 from Washington answered…2 days

Yes, the lack of paid sick leave is unfair to working men and women. Additionally, the federal government should mandate this requirement.

@95RFF49 from Minnesota answered…2 days

Yes, but funding depends on company size. Large companies fund it themselves, small companies get government funding.

@95PK6MC from California answered…4 days

i can see both sides, people do take advantage but its alsways a nice thing to have, it just can be abused

@95NDKQQ from California answered…5 days

@95M6ZDH from Texas answered…6 days

@95LB465Socialist from Virginia answered…6 days

@95F3L5JReform from Alabama answered…2wks

Businesses should not only be required to give employees paid leave on sick days but should be required to give at LEAST a 1 month PAID vacation every year. & make those sick days unlimited or offer a temporary remote/work from home position.

@95CHRH3Libertarian from Tennessee answered…2wks

Yes, to the maternity leave because the woman still needs time to heal after having a baby. However, with a sick family member businesses should be required to only if the employee provides verifiable proof of the sick family member.

@95BVPZ4 from Tennessee answered…2wks

Yes but for maternal and paternal leave, or unless the child has to be out for an extended period of time like being hospitalized

@958S445 from Texas answered…2wks

Yes you should be paid when out of work for being sick or when pregnant.

@958RMJHPeace and Freedom from Virginia answered…2wks

Yes, but it has to be legitimate to make sure it's not to take advantage

@958HCM4 from New York answered…2wks

The employer and the employee should determine the benefits in a mutual agreement which not only protects the interests of both parties but builds trust.

@95828KD from Ohio answered…2wks

yes, for maternity leave and only if sickness is properly written off by a healthcare provider.

@956VPRQ from Texas answered…2wks

No, it should be voluntary and a benefit for the employee. The employee can choose the employer based upon the fact this is provided or not.

@956G4DH from Texas answered…2wks

@953JKWB from Ohio answered…3wks

Yes, they should get paid full-time only if it’s maternity leave or if a worker is really sick/ in critical condition.

@94V7BLQRepublican from Texas answered…3wks

yes, for a sickness for a certain amount of time and offer disability insurance to make up the difference after that period of time and for pregnancy

@94RJ9VC from New York answered…4wks

No, the government should offer Tex deductions and credits to encourage private companies to offer these benefits to their employees.

@94N322L from Missouri answered…4wks

Companies should give employees banks of paid leave time to use as they wish.

@94KS589 from Iowa answered…4wks

Yes but not the whole time just partly and they should be excused absences.

@94K59S3Communistfrom Texas  answered…4wks

Yes, and people in general should be allowed a year off every seven years of working

@94HTLQJ from Virginia answered…1mo

It should not be required for companies with a low amount of employees, but it would be nice for companies with 100+ employees, however, it is a part of a companies competitive incentives.

@94H4SMV from Oregon answered…1mo

@94GK56X from Iowa answered…1mo

It should be regulated, for example only giving 6 weeks of paid maternity leave, after that it would be unpaid.

@94FYFRB from Washington answered…1mo

@94DSJ9DRepublican from Texas answered…1mo

yes, the sick can leave, but you cant leave if you're pregnant until 5 months

@94DCL85Peace and Freedom from California answered…1mo

Only for maternity leave and the sick. If a family member you have is sick and you have no other living relative then this would be provided for the people and for women who have maternity leave

@94CR3HQ from Massachusetts answered…1mo

@94C6VY4 from Texas answered…1mo

Yes and also require a minimum paid leave for companies along with forcing time off to be granted more often


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