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@9RJBQ24Republican from Georgia answered…5 days

Yes, but the test should cover what the American people know after they graduate high school.

@9MWLZNXWomen’s Equality from Ohio answered…3mos

Sure, but it should be basic. Considering most citizens couldnt pass the test

@9MVX5QPWomen’s Equality from Tennessee answered…3mos

yes but it should be a simple test because most people born within the country would not be able to pass it

@9MV23DKAmerican Solidarity from Tennessee answered…3mos

yes, but most citizens wouldn't even be able to pass this test

@9MTVTVTPeace and Freedom from California answered…3mos

It should be less of a test and more of a thorough explanation of the government and laws of the state.

@Raegan-WauthierWomen’s Equality from Connecticut answered…3mos

government yes, for their own benefit and history and language advised but imagine going to another country and learning their whole government, and then having to learn their history and language as a requirement. if their language barrier isn't getting in the way it should be their choice, and history shouldn't be required because if they know the gov. that's all that matters that's what the history lead up to.

@9MK46HKWorking Family from Virginia answered…3mos

Yes, but it should cover basic and simple topics on history but for language and how the government works, they should teach them more or extra just to be sure that they know it.

@9MC5RSLGreen from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

Yes, but include more information about minorities to the test

@JbcvaldesTranshumanist from California answered…3mos

Yes, but the test should cover topics that are relevant to this day and age. US History shouldn’t be a requirement.

@9M5FL63Women’s Equality from Iowa answered…3mos

Yes, as it is necessary for them to understand the workings of our government and their rights as a citizen. However, it should only cover topics taught in public schools that most of the population would and should know.

@9M7ZVPYTranshumanist from Kansas answered…3mos

No, but they should be given an education on the country and provided resources to help them assimilate easily.

@9M2Y5QFGreen from Minnesota answered…3mos

I listened to the expectation for people working to become citizens in our country and it was laughable. I am born and raised, 40
years old and I couldn’t answer even half of those questions correctly and I wouldn’t be expected to because I was born here so I guess automatically superior. What a joke.

@9LX99TXWomen’s Equality from New Jersey answered…3mos

Yes, regarding basic government and civics. In fact, this should be required of all registered voters. The US does not have an official national language.

@9LWD2CMVeteran from Arizona answered…3mos

@9LVTG9FRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

I think they should, but it should not be as big or hard. Just to get a general understanding

@9LPGWH5Peace and Freedom from Virginia answered…3mos

Yes, but make people who run for office have to pass it too.

@9LMVKQSVeteran from Washington D.C. answered…3mos

@9L94F3NPeace and Freedomfrom Virgin Islands  answered…3mos

No, and there should be a new form of test fitting and simple for all

@9L48B49Progressive from Kentucky answered…3mos

Yes, and all natural-born citizens should have to pass one as well to graduate and get a job.

@nicolevortizPeace and Freedom from New Jersey answered…3mos

@9KV5TSLVeteran from Virginia answered…3mos

Yes, but we should hold our own citizens to the same level of knowledge

@9KTHZ86Women’s Equality from Colorado answered…3mos

no, most citizens couldn’t pass the test. but there should be extensive background and criminal checks for immigrants seeking citizenship

@9KMMB5PPeace and Freedom from Oregon answered…3mos

Yes, but it should be VERY basic. Everyone should be able to pass it with just a little bit of studying.

@9KJJJTVWomen’s Equality from Georgia answered…3mos

No, the country should demonstrate diversity and not use a test.

@9KF2VNMIndependent from Connecticut answered…3mos

@9KBVPKJWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…3mos

Yes, I strongly believe so. I don't believe anyone should be forced to speak English, but I also believe that if someone is to become a citizen in the United States, they should learn the history of our government and how it works, as well as the nation's language, or at least the basics of our language. If future citizens are to become that, a citizen, they must be educated on government to preserve democracy and ensure that their vote goes towards the president they believe to have the best policies during presidential elections.

@9KB673RTranshumanist from Minnesota answered…3mos

Yes, and provide this same training to US residents one month after high school graduation

@9K74RBGDemocrat from Florida answered…3mos

Yes but provide courses as part of the citizenship test so the immigrants have the tools they need to become a citizen

@9K2HM8WLibertarian from North Carolina answered…3mos

Yes, but basic history and government questions. There should never be any language requirement.

@9JR8PNDIndependent from Minnesota answered…3mos

@9JM2RDTIndependent from Georgia answered…3mos

Yes, and so should every American citizen going through the public education system.

@9JKC9TXDemocrat from Kansas answered…3mos

It should be there choose after they learn the basics. I mean we came to the USA form Britain in the first to make our own choices.

@9JJDCQJDemocrat from Wisconsin answered…3mos

Everything minus language. The education of American history to those entering our nation is crucial, but somewhat unfair considering how little those born in the US know about the subject.

@9JGP7JGConstitution from Washington answered…3mos

Yes, and citizens should be required to understand the same information.

@9JG7JG9Libertarian from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

Yes, and our own citizens must be able to pass this as well.

@9JCBB8QPeace and Freedom from New Hampshire answered…3mos

No, it should test things more like how to make a resume, apply for college, save money, etc.

@9J99PY8Democrat from New York answered…3mos

Make it risk reward: Let them choose if they want to take it. If they do and pass, they will gain additional benefits and the process will be easier, if they fail the process of becoming a citizen will be more difficult.

@9J82FX6Green from Illinois answered…3mos

No, but maybe require classes and trainings for adults and require regular schooling for minor children.

@9HYVGLYDemocrat from Maine answered…3mos

No, instead implement an evaluation system based on the content of their character.

@9HY2B36Green from New York answered…3mos

@9HWJMG6Progressive from Nevada answered…3mos

Yes, but natural born citizens should be able to pass the test as well

@9HVCGR8Veteran from Florida answered…3mos

We should make sure out own citizens understand our country’s language, history, and government.

@9HSPVPGGreen from Utah answered…3mos

Yes and also all citizens should pass a test, perhaps to vote?

@9HP9TRJSocialist from Washington D.C. answered…3mos

Yes, but it should be a course teaching immigrants how to participate in American voting rights

@9HNMXQPDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

Yes, but only to make sure immigrants know their rights given to them by the US government and so they fully know what country they are immigrating to

@9HLTPDJSocialist from Colorado answered…3mos

Yes, but it should be questions which the majority of natural born citizens can answer correctly

@9HKJY7JWomen’s Equality from New York answered…3mos


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