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@6KJJKZHSocialistfrom Colorado  answered…2mos

We should pull out of the middle east and quit terrorizing them. We are the biggest terrorists in the world.

@BROOKLYN-CLONTZ from Kentucky commented…2mos

I 100% think that the U.S. should take refugees from Syria. I personally believe that in order to prove that we are the great nation so many people think we are, taking in these refugees should be a priority for us. We should use what we have been blessed with to bless others from less fortunate countries in the world. Some say that it us not our duty to be responsible for foreigners and that it's not our problem ;however, it should be. We should want to take in refugees, want to help these people, and want to take this small step in making our world better. If we live with the mindset of " I…  Read more

@6L7RDLVRepublicanfrom New York  answered…6mos

Israel opened its borders to jews after WW2 so in that sense I am open to accepting refugees. However because of BLM and other free for all groups, I feel like the US has become a battle ground within its own borders and at this point in time, we can not accept refugees until the US cleans up from within.

@6L79XLMLibertarianfrom North Carolina  answered…6mos

No, we should, instead set up a "save heaven" closer to Syria so that the refugees aren't a threat to our country, but are also safe

@6L6WLB6Republicanfrom New York  answered…6mos

We should allow only persons who can PROVE that they are who they say they are and only after extensive checks. They should have to report their whereabouts on a continuous basis
for several years. They should not be allowed in unless someone vouches for and takes financial responsibility for them

@5YGDXF7Republicanfrom New York  answered…6mos

They need safety. We should take them and do the same thing that was done to the Japanese during WW2. We should give them all of the necessities of life including good living quarters (mobile homes would be good), medical care, education. For the ones who want to stay here there should be, along with background checks and continuous monitoring, the learning of our language and customs and the acceptance of both.

@5ZC3HTBConstitutionfrom Florida  answered…6mos

Not just no.. But HELL no. When we were faced with a revolution 240 years ago, we stood up and fought. Let them stay in their own country and do the same. The Syrian "refugee crisis" is nothing less than an orchestrated invasion of Europe and the US.

@6KK45B2Socialistfrom Pennsylvania  answered…6mos

@658DTK9from Nevada  answered…6mos

No, and this is important, if there is more than a normal chance they will find time to arrange to kill people - at all, they must not be let in. But, you must be sure. Most of them who become terrorists are actually in need of sleep and food and love. But this does not mean it is time for a love-in with them. If keeping them out is necessary for our country to defend itself, they ought be kept out, but as soon as they are educated and become people with wonderful dispositions who will enhance our population because they are really nice people and make a good effort to get along with others, they can come in if we're sure. We are good people and should not be being killed by people with agendas like some of those people have. They are misguided and sad people and going nowhere good. I will accentuate the "BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY" phrase here.

@6FK8SWLConstitutionfrom South Carolina  answered…6mos

Send all illegals and anchor babies, and refugees out of this country. They broke the law. The country is not stable now and no new citizens for 5 years.

@9TB9GTJRepublican from Texas answered…12hrs

We will accept but other nations should share similar responsibilities

@9SF4547Republican from Virginia answered…2mos

yes, but background checks for everyone no matter where they come from

@9SDVK73Veteran from Georgia answered…2mos

Yes, but we should prioritize aid against instability in Syria to prevent the creation of more refugees

@9SDBGWQVeteran from Ohio answered…2mos

We should only take an amount that is acceptable for our country and help the rest to settle into different countries other then the U.S.

@9SCRCMFWorking Family from Colorado answered…2mos

@9SCQDW3Democrat from Kansas answered…2mos

Yes, but make sure they are given a god place to stay and not just thrown into some dump area

@9S8S9MWConstitution from Massachusetts answered…2mos

@9S85G2SWomen’s Equality from Idaho answered…2mos

Accept woman and children and send the men back to fight for their country

@9S82GYHConstitution from Tennessee answered…2mos

Somewhat, only families, no single men or anything else period. Deep background check, screening and Historical test for our country.

@9S7TP57Republican from Washington answered…2mos

@wharris4204Socialist from Georgia answered…2mos

Yes but, no. There should be a system set up to make sure they are who they say they are. Just like when you go through airport security.

@9S77WQ4Women’s Equality from North Carolina answered…2mos

Well for some things yes because some could be bad some could be good

@9N2TZ6ZIndependent from North Carolina answered…6mos

Yes, as long as we have done a background check and it's safe

@9MXW4C6Veteran from Missouri answered…6mos

As any immigrant, if they pass the background checks and balances then it should be ok

@9MXB5Y8Working Family from New York answered…6mos

Yes, but I think that checks should be done to see if they are think to terrorists

@9MWZTT3Democrat from Florida answered…6mos

Yes but only make sure that you don't accept the bad people you although should allow the good people to come into the U.S.

@9MWLZNXWomen’s Equality from Ohio answered…6mos

@9MWG2ZYVeteran from Indiana answered…6mos

Yes, but only women, children, elderly and disabled. No men of "fighting" age. Also once their country has been returned to normal send them back home.

@9MWBV24Green from Illinois answered…6mos

Yes, we should use the same criteria we use for all immigration regardless of the origin.

@9MVWG8GWorking Family from Minnesota answered…6mos

Yes, spread them way out so they don’t form “little Mogadishu’sl” so to speak.

@9MVHLX5Working Family from Virginia answered…6mos

@9MV82GDDemocrat from Michigan answered…6mos

Yes but they have to work to be able to become a citizen of America.

@9MTYZBBWomen’s Equality from Missouri answered…6mos

Yes as long if we have done background checks check all of their records.

@9MTXT9JTranshumanist from Connecticut answered…6mos

It would make sense because we are allies but we don’t want illegals to get in either

@9MTVR8NDemocrat from California answered…6mos

Yes, but I do believe we should do a background check beforehand.

@9MTFVYGDemocrat from Indiana answered…6mos

Yes, but after doing a background check to make sure they aren't terrorists

@9MTCG6WWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…6mos

They should do backround check to make sure they don't have criminal history or drug abuess

@9MT4KDPRepublican from Hawaii answered…6mos

We are at fault due to the fact that our recent president has bombed it all you have to do is just have boarder checker check them for any crime and everything they've done and If the can help the country

@9MSNF5PRepublican from Tennessee answered…6mos

Only if they come in legally. As well as a in depth background check.

@9MSN3ZTRepublican from Texas answered…6mos

Yes, but they need extensive background checks, and need to go through all the legal paperwork to stay here legally

@9MSKPXKTranshumanist from Texas answered…6mos

We could but the mass of terrorism could go up but is good because of more people


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