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@5ZDST2ZDemocratfrom Massachusetts  answered…12mos

@julie-jirikPeace and Freedom from Idaho answered…1wk

yes but only cause this would be against freedome of speech

@Bandito-BurritoWomen’s Equality from West Virginia answered…2wks

Only should be flown in a museum or historic location where it would have been flown.

@9XCN84XVeteran from Virginia answered…2wks

Be allowed by who? The federal government? That answer will be no as it’s up to each individual state by virtue of the 10th amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

@9XBNJCLRepublicanfrom Maine  answered…2wks

Yes, it is there own right to fly whatever flag they wish on their property.

@9X5QBBFRepublican from California answered…3wks

@9X39KLRRepublican from North Carolina answered…3wks

@9X323MDPeace and Freedom from Florida answered…3wks

Yes, but only at historical monuments where it was originally flown, as well as UNDERNEATH the American Flag.

@9WZXZXJVeteran from Tennessee answered…3wks

No flag should be displayed on government property except the American flag and the appropriate state flag. This includes the Confederate flag and flags such as the pride flag.

@9WHZFLDDemocrat from Alabama answered…1mo

I do not think they should, but it should be up to the state government to decide.

@9NCKSKSVeteran from Illinois answered…12mos

Flags on government property should only be of the US flag, state flag, or city flag. Anything else is not affiliated with the government so therefore should not be flown.

@9N39JHMRepublican from New Jersey answered…12mos

It should take a vote by the community whether or not to take it down.

@9MPSYYFRepublican from Tennessee answered…12mos

As long as the Confederate flag is flown lower than he American Flag i believe i is perfectly ok

@9MMJM7LLibertarian from Texas answered…12mos

Yes States should be allowed to display the Confederate flag on government property because it symbolizes rebellion, not racism, each states should have the right to disay any flag they choose, and it is also a historical symbol of the Southern fight for states' rights.

@9MMS8LHTranshumanist from New York answered…12mos

It is, without a doubt, a symbol of separatism and treason. You cannot be patriot and fly the Confederate flag. You are celebrating traitors.

@9MFHVVPLibertarian from Pennsylvania answered…12mos

if it's not an official flag of the country/state then why?

@9MC68NVTranshumanist from Washington answered…12mos

Do we fly a British, German, Spanish, or the flag of any country who lost a war due to conflict of interests, ideals or infringement? No. Then No.

@9M75KXHDemocrat from Ohio answered…12mos

No, it is often intimidating to racial minorities still feeling the effects of slavery to this day

@9M2KQ7JDemocrat from North Carolina answered…12mos

No, it is a symbol of racism,separatism and treason and should be put in a museum, while banning any public display of the flag.

@skepticalMiddlerGreen from New York answered…12mos

No. But privately on private property anyone can do as they please. On government property it may be displayed for historical purposes, not flown. Flying a flag has serious implications of official support. The states should keep their official support to the state and federal only.

@9LQDF6PRepublican from Indiana answered…12mos

No but private entities should be allowed to fly it and should be protected under the first amendment.

@9LQ7GN9Libertarian from Utah answered…12mos

Yes, but id people protest it the state should consider a moral responsibility of removing it

@9LM4BXZRepublican from New York answered…12mos

Sure, it’s just like if I wanted to show a British flag cause of ethnicity, so I think it should be allowed to show a confederate flag.

@9LBB9GZVeteran from Alabama answered…12mos

It should be voted upon by every municipality because this a government of the people, by the people and for the people

@9LB6KMJLibertarian from Georgia answered…12mos

No but if someone wants to fly one at their property that's their business

@9L9LK7TLibertarian from Delaware answered…12mos

Yes, but the people shouldn’t be inhibited Or harmed in any way when they protest it

@9L8QNKPLibertarian from New Jersey answered…12mos

sure, just be prepared for citizens to use their 1st amendment rally to get it taken down.

@Nathan's-Meme-Ch…Republican from California answered…12mos

Yes, but for historical places only, and only for historical reasons

@Yancie-DavisWomen’s Equality from California answered…12mos

Yes, if that is what is voted on by the people of that state.

@9JZQJV9Women’s Equality from Texas answered…1yr

Everybody should have the right to represent and never forget where they came from as long as they use it in good nature

@9JTG4RXDemocrat from Iowa answered…1yr

Depends on how it is used, if it is used for racial purposes no, but if it is used for some form of historic piece on a historical monument or is put in a museum to be remembered by the people that it is important to, then yes. It should also be banned on all government property, but allowed for private property use.

@9JRLZ7LIndependent from Tennessee answered…1yr

The confederate flag is a symbol of racism, oppression, and treason, but it should be displayed in museums to acknowledge America’s history.

@9J89R36Libertarian from Indiana answered…1yr

Yes but only in very limited circumstances where the historical significance would be lost without it. State flags should not have it.

@9J6VHXLAmerican Solidarity from Missouri answered…1yr

@9J5KZXZIndependent from New York answered…1yr

No, it should be treated the same as the Nazi flag, only on display in Historic monuments and museums.

@9HYQVPNTranshumanist from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

It should be decided on state by state. The opinions on the flag of a state like Oregon is going to be completely different than one like Alabama.

@9HY6GBRRepublican from Colorado answered…1yr

No, Government properties should only fly the American flag, and appropriate state and city flags.

@9HXDDB2Democrat from New Jersey answered…1yr

@9HWZWXVWomen’s Equality from Missouri answered…1yr

No, this would symbolize that portion of government dislikes the overall union of our United States.

@9HTM695Working Family from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

No, but if someone wants fly the flag on their own property that should be their right

@9HSQ5HVTranshumanist from Kansas answered…1yr

Another touchy subject. While some may see the Confederate flag flying as a symbol of racism, others see it as their state's rebellion against a government they disagreed with. While I do not care for what the meaning of the Confederate flag has evolved into, it is a part of our country's history. If we deny past atrocities, we will be doomed to repeat them in the future regardless of what those atrocities were. That being said, if a state's flag has a portion that resembles the Confederate flag, it should be up to that state's voting population to either keep or change the state flag.

@9HS88P9Peace and Freedom from New Jersey answered…1yr

No, it should be displayed, not flown, only where appropriate as part of educational or historical exhibit, with accurate information on the Confederacy and Civil War.


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