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Tulsi Gabbard’s policies on education issues



Education  ›  Critical Race Theory in K-12 Education

Should critical race theory be taught in K-12 education?

  Tulsi Gabbard voterbaseNo, kids should be raised to be racially color blind instead of being taught they are inherently racist or disadvantaged based on the color of their skin

Education  ›  School Reopenings

Should K-12 schools reopen for in-person learning?

  Tulsi Gabbard voterbaseYes, but offer a choice between online and in-person learning

Education  ›  Student Loans

Do you support increasing taxes for the rich in order to reduce interest rates for student loans?

  Tulsi Gabbard voterbaseNo, but we should still reduce interest rates for student loans

Education  ›  Free College for All

Should the federal government pay for tuition at four-year colleges and universities?

  Public statementsYes

Education  ›  Common Core

Do you support Common Core national standards?

  Tulsi Gabbard voterbaseNo, teach to each student's potential instead of uniform testing

Education  ›  Charter Schools

Do you support charter schools?

  Public statementsYes

Education  ›  Universal Pre-K

Should the federal government fund Universal preschool?

  Tulsi Gabbard voterbaseYes, as long as parents also have the option to send their child to private school

Education  ›  School Vouchers

Should the government offer students a voucher that they can use to attend private schools?

  Party’s support baseNo

Education  ›  School Truancy

Should the government decriminalize school truancy?

  Tulsi Gabbard voterbaseYes