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Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s political stances on criminal issues

Donald Trump is President elect of the United States. Trump was a New York City based real estate developer, television personality and author. Trump is an alumnus of Fordham University and the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce.

Criminal issues

Should police officers be required to wear body cameras? stats discuss

Donald Trump’s answer: No, it should be a police department’s or officer’s choice to wear one Source

Should drug traffickers receive the death penalty? stats discuss

Donald Trump’s answer: Yes Source

Should convicted criminals have the right to vote? stats discuss

Donald Trump’s answer: No Source

Should non-violent prisoners be released from jail in order to reduce overcrowding? stats discuss

Donald Trump’s answer: No, we should build more prisons Source

Should prisons ban the use of solitary confinement for juveniles? stats discuss

Donald Trump’s answer: No Source

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