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Ron Paul on Farm Subsidies

Posted 5 years ago by

Ron Paul on Farm Subsidies

Publicly Ron Paul has stated his opposition to farm subsidies and earmarks in general. We looked into his record and the congressional district he represents (the 14th District of Texas) has received more than $2.1billion dollars in farm subsidies since 1991. A majority of this amount went to Matagorda County (one of eight counties in his district) which collected $286 million in farm subsidies with a substantial portion going to rice farmers.

Alex Formuzis of the Environmental Working Group told me that "Individual members of Congress do not decide if their congressional districts receive farm subsidies. It is up to the USDA" who congress funds through farm bills passed every five years. "If a congressman would like to limit farm subsidies for their district," Formuzis said "they may do so by amending the USDA bill."

Congressional records do not show Dr. Paul amending any of the USDA bills to limit funding to his district but he has voted against several large farm bills including the Farm, Nutrition and Bio-Energy Act of 2007.

We changed Dr. Paul's position on the question "Should the federal government subsidize U.S. farmers?" to NO.