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The Libertarian Party and Abortion

Posted 5 years ago by

The Libertarian Party and Abortion

Earlier this month the Gary Johnson easily won the Libertarian Party Presidential nomination with 74% of the vote at the party’s convention in Las Vegas. We took a closer look at Mr. Johnson’s political positions and found most of them to be in line with the official positions of the Libertarian Party except on abortion.

Mr. Johnson’s campaign page trumps his support for a "woman’s right to choose" which would lead many to believe that he is pro-choice. What is easy to miss on the site is the line "up until the point of the viability of the fetus." We combed through Mr. Johnson’s past remarks and found that he supports abortions up until the fetus is 5 months; after which abortions would be illegal.

Last April the Libertarian Party party chair Mark Hinkle stated that the party’s official position on abortion is "the best way to respect life is to prevent government from interfering with individual rights."

Does Mr. Johnson’s view on abortion violate the Libertarian Party’s principle of government involvement in individual rights?

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