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The Candidates stances on Abortion

Posted 9 years ago by

The Candidates stances on Abortion

This week’s remarks by Republican Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin brought abortion into the Presidential race for the first time this summer. We took a closer look at where all of the candidates and parties stand on abortion:

Republican: Pro-life
The party ratified a call for a Constitutional ban on abortion that makes no exceptions for rape or incest.

Mitt Romney: Pro-life, but allow in cases of rape, incest, or danger to the mother or child's health

Ron Paul: Pro-life
Introduced the Sanctity of Life Act four times over the past ten years, which defines life as beginning at conception at the Federal level.

Democrat: Pro-choice
Supports the right of every woman to choose, consistent with Roe v. Wade.

Barack Obama: Pro-choice
Supports abortion rights but signed an executive order in 2010 that would maintain a ban on the use of federal money to pay for abortions, except in cases of rape or incest, or if the life of a woman is in danger.

Libertarian: Pro-choice. I don't agree with it but it's not my right or the government's to ban abortion

Gary Johnson: Ban after the first trimester
Supports woman’s right to choose up until the fetus is viable. Johnson would ban late terms abortions from the federal level.

Green: Pro-choice
Supports full access to abortion, with funding, for all women in the U.S. and around the world.

Jill Stein: Pro-choice
Supports the Green Party position.

Justice Party: Pro-choice
Justice Party: Pro-Choice. The decision should be between a woman, her doctor, and anyone else she wants to have involved.

Rocky Anderson: Pro-choice
Supports the Justice Party position.

Constitutionalist Party: Pro-life
Under no circumstances may the federal government fund or otherwise support any state or local government or any organization or entity, foreign or domestic, which advocates, encourages or participates in the practice of abortion.

Virgil Goode: Pro-life
Would submit a budget to Congress with zero funding for planned parenthood and any other similar entities.

Socialist Party USA: Pro-choice
Supports every woman's right to choose when, if, and how to have children, including the right to free abortion on demand at any stage of pregnancy.

Stewart Alexander: Pro-choice
Supports the Socialist Party Position.

Rent is too Damn High: Pro-choice, I don't agree with it but it's not my right or the government's to ban abortion

Jimmy McMillan: Pro-choice, I don't agree with it but it's not my right or the government's to ban abortion

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