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Obama mandate on birth control stirs controversy

Posted 6 years ago by

Obama mandate on birth control stirs controversy

This week the Obama Administration introduced a rule that would require health insurance plans (including those offered by religious universities and charities) to offer birth control to women free of charge. This sparked outrage from GOP Presidential Candidates and several Congressional Republican leaders.

Rick Santroum stated that it “tramples” the First Amendment, Mitt Romney called it an "assault on religion" and Newt Gingrich said it was an infringement of religious liberty. Ron Paul did not have an immediate comment on the rule but we checked and last October Mr. Paul criticized a similar proposal calling it a "mockery" of Christian values. We have reached out to the the third party candidates and are awaiting a response.

On Tuesday The Public Religion Research Institute released a poll showing that 55% of Americans agree with the proposed Obama Administration rule (58% of surveyed Catholics agreed).

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