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Do you approve or disapprove of the overall job Obama is doing as President?

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Obama Approval Poll Results


178,280 votes



288,897 votes


Distribution of answers submitted by America.

3 Approve answers
2 Disapprove answers
1 overlapping answers

Data includes total votes submitted by visitors since Oct 7, 2013. For users that answer more than once (yes we know), only their most recent answer is counted in the total results. Total percentages may not add up to exactly 100% as we allow users to submit "grey area" stances that may not be categorized into yes/no stances.

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Data based on 30-day moving average to reduce daily variance from traffic sources. Totals may not add up to exactly 100% as we allow users to submit "grey area" stances that may not be categorized into yes/no stances.

Data based on 30-day moving average to reduce daily variance from traffic sources. Totals may not add up to exactly 100% as we allow users to submit "grey area" stances that may not be categorized into yes/no stances.

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This President is not only tearing our country apart, but forcing it's citizens to take up arms against his policies. I can see another revolution on the horizon. 10mons ago from a Republican in Mariposa, CA.

Second worst President of all time behind dictator FDR and just barely ahead of LBJ and Jimmy Carter tied for third. 10mons ago from a Libertarian in Pittsburgh, PA.

Yes, I approve of Obama's agenda and his hopes and plans for our country. If not for the GOP manipulations and simple obstructionism GREAT things could have been accomplished. I totally blame the Tea-Party Republicans for the mess we are in. They seem to hate Obama needlessly even more than they love the country the purport to love. Obama had the right ideas and plans; the GOP kept much of it from fruition. 10mons ago from a Democrat in Potwin, KS.

Approve, but he isn't getting enough help from House Republicans. 10mons ago from a Democrat in Salem, OR.

Worst President in history. 10mons ago from a Republican in Willingboro, NJ.

President Obama can and should be impeached for not defending the Constitution and several other anti-American actions. 10mons ago from a Republican in Santa Clara, CA.

President Obama is an ideological left wing zealot. He is not a traditional American and he does not love this country. He believes we have a flawed foundation due to the owning of slaves by a very small percentage of the population. Obama said he wanted to "fundamentally transform America." What does he want to transform us into? A left wing, central government serving, European styled weak nation! He is a complete disaster and worse than Jimmy Carter ever was. 10mons ago from a Republican in Stafford, VA.

He is the most incompetent, arrogant, and hypocritical President of the United States EVER elected, and I believe the mainstream media's Bias in his favor has misled the American public into ignorance about his true nature and intentions. The news media has failed in their role to inform the American public of their elected officials' actions just as they have failed to hold these "Leaders" accountable for their actions. 10mons ago from a Republican in Silver Spring, MD.

Is there something below dissaprove? He is a true ideologue. A Progressive in the Woodrow Wilson mold who has a fundamental, Hegelian disdain for the Enlightenment ideal of "natural rights" that this nation was founded on. 9mons ago from a Republican in Rye, NY.

"Disapprove" didn't seem like a strong enough word. He makes changes and polices that are not within his authority to do. Modifies laws without congressional approval. CHOOSES who has to obey the law (sorry, gives out "waivers"). If I couldn't pay for my house, I would LOSE it. BANKS can't pay their bills and get $700 billion dollars, and virtually NO RECOURSE so that it can happen again. Canada spends LESS per capita than the U.S. We have %40 uninsured. They have %5 uninsured. Their government negotiates prescription costs based on HOW WELL IT WORKS. We pay what they tell us to. 9mons ago from a Libertarian in Edmond, OK.

He is deliberately trying to destroy American excellence. 10mons ago from a Republican in Alda, NE.

Has failed to demonstrate that he is capable of leading. 10mons ago from a Republican in Drake, KY.

He has mislead the American public on several different issues. From domestic to foreign. He claimed he would be transparent and has been anything but that. I really think he has been in overhead since the beginning. The partisan politics is his own doing. Clinton ended up being a decent President because he worked with Congress. He has openly criticized Congress for their efforts while he tells us he won't negotiate. I really think he should step down. 7mons ago from a Republican in Altoona, IA.

I approve of the job President Obama is doing. However, I believe that he and the country would be more successful if he had a supportive congress and if the GOP was able to control the Tea Party. 10mons ago from a Democrat in Southlake, TX.

Disapprove, he does not have the traditional welfare of the United States of America at heart. 7mons ago from a Republican in Northampton, MA.

Disappointed. 9mons ago from a Democrat in Libertytown, MD.

I approve but the house needs to work with Obama instead of fighting every change that could help the American people. 9mons ago from a Democrat in Big Bear Lake, CA.

I like President Obama as a person and I really liked his "Yes We Can" slogan and the dream he had of making a difference in America, but I now feel it was either a very well acted cover or that he has since caved to quite a few corporate interests. Gitmo is still open. He signed a stronger version of the NDAA into law, giving the President the right to designate and hold anyone as a terrorist. He is seeking to prosecuted Edward Snowden instead of rewarding him and the President is conducting closed door meetings on the TPP. President Obama has also failed to enact labeling of GMO's and he allows the corporate/government revolving door policies which allow for corruption and conflict of interest to continue. 9mons ago from a Green in Mesa, AZ.

Generally approve, but am very disappointed in his support of the expansion of executive powers started by Bush. 9mons ago from a Green in Longmont, CO.

He cannot win not matter what happens. President Regan was not a good president. He was a figure head and people adore him. President Bush, the second one really had no power. When will people realize it is not the president making the decisions but he money behind them. The first Bush was more in line with his money bakers. R. 10mons ago from a Republican in Morrison, CO.

This person that sits in the Oval Office is nothing more than a goof. He has been given power that he does not deserve. He has made decision that has gotten people killed and he could care less. I do not believe that he was born in this country and that he truly believes that he is the Dictator of the United States (DOTUS). 6mons ago from a Republican in Saint Robert, MO.

Worst possible socialist ideology implemented now after the first 80 years , collapsing economically and morally, a once moral and wealthy country that is becoming more hated and propagandized from with in and from out side as well. Becoming hated. Not the old America as much as the new. 7mons ago from a Republican in Howell, MI.

Disapprove. He is not legally a US citizen. He is a dictator who illegally makes laws with his pen, ignores any law he does not like, is destroying our constitution as well as our military which he is obviously afraid will turn on him, with good reason. 7mons ago from a Republican in Springfield, OH.

He's doing what he thinks is right, however often I differ on what is right. 10mons ago from a Republican in Oviedo, FL.

I do not agree with his fundamental approach to the Presidency but, given the near complete financial meltdown at the beginning of his first term, he has not done badly. 6mons ago from a Democrat in Tallahassee, FL.

When a president is elected, it is my job to support him or her whether I elected him or not. A president make decisions based on information that I can never know about. It is not our place to judge with partial facts, however. It is a presidents job to uphold the constitution that he swore to uphold not flex his presidential powers to bypass Congress. Checks and balances are there for a reason. 6mons ago from a Republican in Cleveland, OH.

The President is mostly just a figure head and we can blame congress for what does or doesn't happen for the most part. It doesn't matter which part is in charge all they're interested in is pushing their own agenda instead of working together. 6mons ago from a Republican in Billings, MT.

I don't approve of the overall job anyone in Washington is doing. 6mons ago from a Democrat in Corrales, NM.

Disappointed by some things I have seen. 6mons ago from a Democrat in Winooski, VT.

His intentions are good, but he is trying to hard to get certain agendas passed that are not good for the country as a whole. He is also circumventing Congress, which is currently a do nothing institution, but there is a reason that each is supposed to be equal. He needs to find ways of not alienating the opposition and to bring more people into a working relationship. 6mons ago from a Republican in Arlington, VA.

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