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If Jesus suddenly came back to earth today, would he approve or disapprove of modern Christianity?

Results from Republicans

Last answered 2 years ago

Christianity Poll Results for Republicans


3,553 votes



9,474 votes


Distribution of answers submitted by Republicans.

1 Approve answers
1 Disapprove answers
1 overlapping answers

Data includes total votes submitted by visitors since Sep 16, 2013. For users that answer more than once (yes we know), only their most recent answer is counted in the total results. Total percentages may not add up to exactly 100% as we allow users to submit "grey area" stances that may not be categorized into yes/no stances.

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Data based on unique submissions (duplicates or multiple submissions are eliminated) per user using a 30-day moving average to reduce daily variance from traffic sources. Totals may not add up to exactly 100% as we allow users to submit "grey area" stances that may not be categorized into yes/no stances.

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