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The Candidates on Welfare

Posted 4 years ago by

The Candidates on Welfare

This week, Mitt Romney’s campaign launched a television ad accusing President Obama of removing the work requirement from welfare. Mr. Romney’s charge is based on a July memo from the Department of Health and Human Services that invited individual states to test their own welfare programs. Participating states would be able to test their own welfare initiatives and would be exempt form some federal requirements for funding. The Obama campaign countered that the memo does not remove any work requirements and in fact requires participating states to improve employment rates among welfare recipients.

We took a closer look at each candidate’s position on the question: Should able-bodied, mentally capable adults who receive welfare be required to work?

Mitt Romney: Yes, adults who receive government benefits should be required to work
Mr. Romney would increase funding of childcare services so that parents on welfare could "have the dignity of work".

Barack Obama: Yes, adults who receive government benefits should be required to work
Introduced a program that would let each individual state create their own welfare program while still receiving federal funds.

Gary Johnson: Yes, adults who receive government benefits should be required to work
Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson would cut welfare funding by by 43% and would impose time limits on benefits and an income cap for all welfare recipients.

Jill Stein: No, “workfare” is a form a slave labor
Green Party Candidate Jill Stein supports the Green Party’s position that work requirements have a negative effect on children, families, the elderly and the disabled. Dr. Stein would fund any additional costs through cuts in military spending and corporate subsidies.

Ron Paul: Yes, and eliminate welfare all together as it is not authorized in the Constitution
“The welfare state imprisons our people and impoverishes our people and gives us our recession.”

Virgil Goode: Yes, adults who receive government benefits should be required to work
Mr. Goode would abolish federal welfare and give control the programs over to each state.

Which candidate do you side with on welfare? Take our candidate match quiz and find out.

Of course!

Linda Cerqueira

Yes.... Each state should set guidelines.

Dennis Aupperle

I side with Gary Johnson.

Daniel Bartelme

In the 60's welfare advocates claimed that there should be no differentiation between welfare and a paid job. A reruirement for able-bodied welfare recipients to work satisfies that belief perfectly. Whatever Jill Stein is smoking should be offered to everyone on a trial basis.

Marshall Sroge


Oison Kwadwo Owusu-konadu

Garry Johnson 212!

Bryan Stinson

This is where Jill Stein and I part company.

Lisa Henderson

Yes they should be required to work!! Just like all the rest of us hard working individuals!

Jackie Anne Kinnane

While I personally disagree with every candidate, I think Jill Stein doesn't know wtf she's talking about.

Robbie Loucks

Obama is hoping to increase the employment numbers by encouraging states to come up with menial tasks that have nothing to do with "WORKING". Better stats for states mean better stats for him, however false they may be.

Ginger Searcey Fitzgibbon

I am more scared by Ron Paul than any foreign threat.

Sara Mccracken

Who is Jill Stein?

Michael Brainard

Is Jill Stein for real? What a moron.

Jean Saleeby McCrossan

Ron Paul made it simple and Clear.

Justina Black

Before Welfare there were MANY charitable orgs., now there are many, many fewer! Physicians gave often of their free time by accepting patients through hospital on-call rotation and in their office. Now the govt pays almost all of that. Who is the govt? OBVIOUSLY the people WHO PAY TAXES. This all became reality afer 1965. Jill Stein is a physician. Is she on welfare? HAHA

Werner K Keller

yes should be required to work.

Judith Antolick

While I am personally voting for GJ this election, I agree with RP's answer. People don't understand that before welfare, medicare/caid, and other nannystate programs, there were volunteer programs that helped out less fortunate people. Now-a-days, people see it as the government's job, through forcibly taking taxpayers money, to help out the poor. This drives out the more efficient and overall better volunteer programs.

Ben Iwen

Many people on welfare should work. But if they are currently caring for a family of many children, an elderly person or a child who needs full time....well, I am not sure if the caregiver should be required to work while wrestling with the problem of how to and who will take over their responsibilities.

Dotti Chesney

None of you even understand Jill Steins stance remotely. Go research it before you bash it, morons.

Emily Rose

When my children were babies, I found it impossible to work. I had a husband who worked, so we did the best we could. Once the children were school age, then I could work part time. So, I would need to know the specific regulations to make a decision on the work for welfare question.

Janice Coleman

What about testing for drugs?

Spencer Mohundro

It seems like all the more advanced the society is, their social safety net is larger. And the result is a happier population with low inequality.

Ryosuke Yokoe

Ron Paul is 100% accurate! If my parents gave me an allowance to do nothing as a child, I would complain when forced to work. Or never do anything !!

Chase Stewmon