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Paul Ryan vs the Candidates on Medicare

Posted 4 years ago by

Paul Ryan vs the Candidates on Medicare

Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan for his vice presidential candidate brought his budget and its proposed changes to Medicare into the spotlight. Mr. Ryan’s plan for Medicare would offer seniors the option of staying within the current system or enrolling in a private insurance plan. It would not affect any Seniors currently receiving Medicare payments and Mr. Ryan believes this would lead to lower costs for everyone.

How does Mr. Ryan’s proposal compare to the Presidential Candidates?

Mitt Romney: Reform
Agrees with Mr. Ryan’s proposal. In the past he has said he would raise the eligibility age for Seniors to receive Medicare in an effort to cut costs.

Barack Obama: Expand
Medicare coverage will be expanded to smaller hospitals and will be funded by tax increases on individuals making over $250K per year.

Gary Johnson: Reform
Control of medicare coverage would be turned over to individual states. The federal government would issue grants to each state and allow them to develop their own Medicare plans.

Ron Paul: Dismantle
Dr. Paul would eliminate Medicare. Every American who is under 25 years of age in 2013 would no longer pay into the Medicare system which would be phased out completely by the time they were 65.

Jill Stein: Expand
Medicare coverage would be offered to everyone under a single-payer healthcare system. It would be funded by one insurance pool funded by the federal government.

Stewart Alexander: Expand
Medicare coverage would be offered to everyone under a single-payer healthcare system. It would be funded by one insurance pool funded by the federal government.

Virgil Goode: Keep “as is.”
The system would remain in its current state. Costs would be cut by implementing tort reforming and lowering the costs of malpractice insurance.

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I would have to stay true to the Presidents plan.Some single payer plans I liked , but it has to remain the way it is so we can get beyond the partisan bickering. The bill can be modified and fine tuned down the road. The President has done the right thing!

Frank Mulhall

I have the Presidents back in doing the right thing for the whole country!

Monica Castner

All the president is going to bring you is communism.

Michael Ward Burdick


Sally Nurkowski-thornton

I need my ss and mediccare joann.

Joann Ekensten

I still wonder if these guys are willing to give up all the benefits that congress men get? Can't we decide to stop that for them?

Cynthia Massheimer

BHo will be heading back to Chicago where he belongs and R and R will get this country back on track.

Carolyn Tagatz

We need reform, but no just in medicare. We need to make Congress and all eected officals have the same program that we have...for "all" Americans.

Charles Hargett

Johnson did wonders in New Mexico with Medicare. He reformed it. Saved millions of dollars, and also provided all Medicare recipients with the same health coverage that he himself.had as governor. Dollars and cents...Romney knows nothing about that, Nor does the messiah BHO

Niles Aronson

Promising Medicare for current seniors leaves the rest of us in the under-60 crowd out in the cold.

Christian Alberto Ledesma

I always find it funny when people are apposed to a universal healthcare system, because if you really think about it, aren't you a part of a universal healthcare system provided by the insurance company that you belong to? All members of an insurance group contribute a large pool of funds that are distributed amongst other members of the group as needed. Isn't that the point of insurance? So it should not be that difficult to understand something functioning that you are already a part of, and if that is not enough, just take a look at other nations that have instituted a Nationalized Healthcare System. England tried to let everyone in on the secret at the London Olympics, why? Because "The measure of a civilization is how it treats it's weakest members".

Gabriel Cornejo

Ron Paul is correct - dismantle in a controlled fashion before it collapses in an uncontrolled one.

Tom Martin

Healthcare is an essential component of a healthy society and it should be provided thru an Universal system and should be funded in the same way the public school system is currently funded i.e tying it to the local tax system instead of to Federal and State taxes.

Bhujangarao Inaganti

Americans are very poor savers of money. We need Medicare. We also need a government run program of saving for retirement just like in Sweden etc. The Swedes pay high taxes but they don't have the stress of saving for retirement because the government does it for them. How many people in this country have lost their savings to Wall Street? Trying to ensure your 401K will go up and not down is something no single person can control. The safe guards put in place to ensure another depression where like the safety seperated tanks in a tanker. Starting in the 1980's all the safe guards economy had in place after the great depression were removed by the Bankers and the Senators they paid off. Get rid of all the individual stuff and there would be plenty of money for Medicare. Also, we do not need troops in all the locations they are in now. Lower the troop deployments there is where the money for Medicare would come from. Lets start with bringing our troops back from Europe. Europe can take care of itself. We do not need 150,000 troops there. WWII is long over.

Craig Cothren