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Mitt Romney on Medicare

Posted 3 years ago by

Mitt Romney on Medicare

The night before the Florida Primary Mitt Romney changed his position on Medicare. He said that, if elected he “will never go after Medicare or Social Security. We will protect those programs.”

Less than a month ago Mr. Romney was supporting Represenative Paul Ryan’s plan to phase out the current Medicare system by 2022 and replace it with a voucher system (seniors would be given vouchers by the government to purchase private insurance).

We changed Mr. Romney’s position on from “dismantle to program completely” to keep the medicare program “as is.”

If elected President do you believe Mitt Romney will keep Medicare intact or kill off the program completely?

See our breakdown of Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama on Healthcare issues of the 2012 presidential election.

Romney reminds me of a desparate used car salesman. He will do or say anything to be President but Ryan scares me the most. God help the regular working people in this country if somehow the Public is fooled into electing them.

Peter Balletta

I don"t care who the president is as long as he cuts every goverment department budget by 10% across the board, and then does the same thing the following year. As far as medicare, Romney plans to leave it alone for the seniors who are on it now and those coming up soon. The plan is to change it for the future so it will stand alone.

Frada Mitchel

What I believe is we can't trust any of them. To end Medicare or social security will be the death of alot of hard working Americans. That worked hard all their lives. And now that they can't work it is unreal to think what will happen to them. We have alot of heartless politics who only worry about their own pockets and what they are going to get when they get in the White House. And the big balloon they get when they get out of the White House. I would only vote for God. To bad he is not running.

Bernice Spencer

Under the Romney/Ryan plan, those 55 and older would remain in traditional Medicare. For those currently under 55, the Romney-Ryan plan would institute a new premium-support plan beginning with new beneficiaries in 2023. Seniors would pick from private plans, or could choose traditional Medicare, all of which would be offered on a new Medicare exchange. So, those 55 and over would still get Medicare, and those under 55 could opt for traditional Medicare.

Carm Jean

Medicare and Social Security CANNOT be cut! I would be homeless if that happens! Please, God, guide whoever to the BEST decision for our seniors, including me!

Anita Kearns

I think we should all thank George W for this mess.

Kimmie J Stoecker

Well I will give you a lot of credit for having thoughtful intelligent friends who respond with reason. Had I put up this post it would have started a dumpster fire here in Texas.

Spareribs LaMothe

Please see the Movie Documentary 2016. Then tell you family and friends to see before they vote.

Carm Jean

So now is he back on Ryans disaster plan or what......can you believe a thing that comes out of Mitt the Twitts mouth....NOT.....go ahead who needs Medicare you idiots....

Daryl Parsons

We can protect Social security forever by printing endless free money while at the same time balancing the budget and privatizing it! Isn't Mitt Romney great?

Skyler Daché

The best short-term thing Obama can do is CUT SPENDING! for very quick results. that could win the presidency.

Travis Tigges