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New Issue: Wind Power

Posted 3 years ago by

New Issue: Wind Power

Should the federal government continue to give tax credits and subsidies to the wind power industry?

Mitt Romney recently said that, if elected President, he would end a tax credit subsidizing the wind energy industry. This prompted a backlash from many farmers in midwestern swing states including Iowa, Ohio and Indiana. By installing wind turbines on their properties farmers can earn up to tens of thousands of dollars per year in tax credits. Supporters, including President Obama and Green Party nominee Jill Stein, say the wind energy industry is responsible for creating thousands of high-tech jobs in the region and is a crucial income alternative for farmers during droughts. Detractors, including Mr. Romney and Gary Johnson, point out that these tax credits have cost the federal government $14 billion since 2008 and that wind technology has yet to develop into a reliable energy alternative to traditional sources such as coal and nuclear power.

Which candidates do you side with on wind energy? Answer this question in the Environmental Issues section and find out.

Wind is a steping stone, its not perfect but its cleaner then fossil fuels, yes it is not as profitable or efficent but it will get there, wind is more a stepping stone to moving to alternative renewable power. Wind Solar hydro, tidel and more pave the way for fusion power to become the worlds most effective energy source by 2030.

Alex Phan

The wind power industry is a privatized company and if they profit, do we the people get to share in it? Then why do we have to pay taxes to make up for their loss? That's $14 billion we could have used and we are picking up the slack. Our government needs to cut spending at this time.

Jackie Padeken

It is not a free market Romney is comparing it to fossil fuel industry which have never ben weaned off of subsidies. For the USA to be competitive in the future we better get renewable energy in the forfront. USA is way behind other major countries in this area. Renewable energy is our future don't you get it?

Mark Thompson

No. Taxpayer dollars should not be sent to Washington to be distributed to friends of our leaders. Let individuals buying individual stocks take the risk on wind power.

Alan Brunton

Mitt Romney has sold himself to the company stove, all fossil fuels, etc. These are not renewable forms of energy and it's time we explore all forms of renewable fuels, wind, solar, electric power. Re- elect Barrack Obama.

Mary Sue Thompson

I think we should keep encouraging jobs and preserving our enviroment should be one of them.

Carolyn Jacobs

The government should not be in the business of picking individual companies for funding or guaranteeing their success while using our tax dollars. This leads to cronyism at best and is sinister at worst. Let the private sector find investors for viable projects and technologies like it has been doing for well over a hundred years. How the hell do you think we got autos, light bulbs, computers, and a thousand other modern products. It should be driven by the free market period! Unless you have anti-capitalist/socialist leanings and want to control everything.

Jeff Wallace

Most railroads wouldn't have gotten anywhere without federal subsidies. All new technology needs help. It is the job of government to do for people what they otherwise cannot do for themselves. That works at the top as well at the bottom.

Chuck Trent

I wish that this instead said: Give tax credits and subsidies to Solar and wind power. We should do what the Germans did and subsidize solar panels for electricity on peoples homes. Here in CO with 360+ days of sunshine each individual person could become their own energy generator.

Karina Guenther

No I don/t think so. Look at the companies that Obama gave money to(Political payback) filed for bankcruptcy, all took tax payer money.

Carol Ward Greer

It should continue to give wind tax credits and subsidies as long as it continues to give fossil fuels the same thing. Get rid of all credits/subsidies imo, but only if they do it across the board. Level the field.

Patrick Hughes

Are you kidding? Both wind and solar are huge losers in terms of being able to ever produce electricity on a large scale. Of the seven major ways we produce eclectrical energy in the U.S., solar and wind are by far the most expensive. Just for example, to equal the electricity production of one 4th generation totally safe nuclear power reactor, it would take 240 square miles of wind power. Wind and solar are just like the electric car.....they are all just curiosities. I am just about finished with a book I am writing that will be published in December entitled "Ethanol and the Future of Clean Energy" in which I elaborate on the points I have given above as well as many other commonly held misunderstandings and misconceptions about energy...both fuel and electricity...used in the U.S.

Gary Schwendiman

Yes. It is already a proven success in Texas.

Ted Wyman

yes, If we can also train some of the coal miners for a new trade ande shut some of the SOB mine owners. Especially those who made their employess donate to Romney and go to his speech withiut pay.

RoseLee Bernstein

Yes. Remove the Oil depletion allowance, and all the benefits to Big Coal and Big Oil, and give about 10% to wind and solar, and use the 90% to bring down Bush's deficit. He created the situation ending in the Wall Street Collapse on his watch, He has to wear the coat of shame.

Robert T. Boyter

Why should our tax dollars support something that hasn't been proven. Should you want to support these ventures I suggest you purchase their stock and see if you profit from your choice. If it is a, "A better mouse trap," no problem. The first rule in business is, "your permitted to make a profit." The government is NOT in the profit business. So far Obama has only picked the losing ventures.

Edward Michael

What if they built wind farms and didn't have the grid work in to distribute the energy? What if electricity is reduced 70% thru transmission loss? What if the power is interuptable? What if the wind farms only ran when there was wind? (Kinda like third world countries when the power comes on and off now and then?) Spending other peoples money ( taxes) insulates one from actually doing the homework to see if it actually is a good idea. That's why private enterprize works so well. Risk/reward. What we have here is a ideology that isn't fact based.

Gary Kline

Romney is an idiot

Steve Kline

The real question is: Why does it matter what WE think the gov't should give credits for? WE don't decide...industry lobbysists do. Quit propping up the brain dead Uncle Sam with a glucose-drip of voting power that isn't really there. Quit inflating the plastic eagle of freedom with the air of "we have a voice in government" illusions. Anyone ever heard of the Constitution? The answers to happiness and prosperity, liberty and equality are all in there...we just have to have the backbone to accept it.

Devon Hughes

Wind, solar and other renewables need to be developed ASAP, nuclear and fossil fuel power plants require large quantities of water for cooling and experienced shutdowns this summer from high water temperatures and low water availability and this is predicted to be an increasing problem in the coming years. Nuclear power is expensive and dangerous, one full scale meltdown here could be the finish us off economically and cause horrific health problems. Coal, oil and gas will run out and are causing terrible and expensive environmental problems. Clean renewable energy will bring economic benefits and security to our nation. Remember, the fuel for solar and wind power is free, delivered free, forever.

Bruce Dickey

All subsidies should come to a halt until America's debt is paid full. Fiscal Responsibility!

Km Vav

If wind farms - or any energy source - proves itself to be efficient industry will dev develope it to make money. We don't need to waste our tax dollars on a concept that has not proved itself effective and efficient.

George Richardson Sr.

The Dutch has been using wind power for centuries.........................that is why they are such a world power, NOT!

Gary Cooper

We can pull that amount of money needed for developing clean wind energy out of the subsidies that Big Oil companies get from the government easily. I think funding wind energy with tax credits is important for the industry to grow to become something that we as a country can rely on that is much cleaner for the environment than drilling and chemically preparing oil.

Stephanie Angel

They kill thousands of Bald Eagles every year! Nice!

Jeff Macri