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New Issue: Wind Power

Posted 4 years ago by

New Issue: Wind Power

Should the federal government continue to give tax credits and subsidies to the wind power industry?

Mitt Romney recently said that, if elected President, he would end a tax credit subsidizing the wind energy industry. This prompted a backlash from many farmers in midwestern swing states including Iowa, Ohio and Indiana. By installing wind turbines on their properties farmers can earn up to tens of thousands of dollars per year in tax credits. Supporters, including President Obama and Green Party nominee Jill Stein, say the wind energy industry is responsible for creating thousands of high-tech jobs in the region and is a crucial income alternative for farmers during droughts. Detractors, including Mr. Romney and Gary Johnson, point out that these tax credits have cost the federal government $14 billion since 2008 and that wind technology has yet to develop into a reliable energy alternative to traditional sources such as coal and nuclear power.

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