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New Issue: Wind Power

Posted 4 years ago by

New Issue: Wind Power

Should the federal government continue to give tax credits and subsidies to the wind power industry?

Mitt Romney recently said that, if elected President, he would end a tax credit subsidizing the wind energy industry. This prompted a backlash from many farmers in midwestern swing states including Iowa, Ohio and Indiana. By installing wind turbines on their properties farmers can earn up to tens of thousands of dollars per year in tax credits. Supporters, including President Obama and Green Party nominee Jill Stein, say the wind energy industry is responsible for creating thousands of high-tech jobs in the region and is a crucial income alternative for farmers during droughts. Detractors, including Mr. Romney and Gary Johnson, point out that these tax credits have cost the federal government $14 billion since 2008 and that wind technology has yet to develop into a reliable energy alternative to traditional sources such as coal and nuclear power.

Which candidates do you side with on wind energy? Answer this question in the Environmental Issues section and find out.

If it was such a good alternative source of income for farmers, then they would be doing it already. All subsidies need to be gone with. All they do is save the failing at the cost of the successful, giving them an unfair advantage in the market place. The losers? All of the people in that market.

Ben Iwen

Overlooked is that the alternate energy subsidies have reduced the use of coal which is a dirty, polluting resource. The reduction along with natural gas could be an answer to the Planet's cleanup. Subsidies actually have worked in this instance. We need to keep it up to keep coal from coming "back on line".

Jerry Irons

Wind power has a long way to go before it becomes a reliable energy source. During cold and windless conditions it costs more energy to keep the turbines warm and turning then the power the output.

April Symoens

No It has been found that they are NOT useful in adding electricity to the grid. Hawaii had them just sitting and falling apart. Not to mention looking bad. We had hundreds going out to west Texas, funded by private donations. They were given a year and were unable to be of use. Why should tax payers dish out money for something of no benefit except to the producers.

Phyllis Borchers


Marilyn Gross Patete

We've become so used to "instant gratification" in this country that if something doesn't work in a couple of year's time, we throw it out without giving it a chance to work out the kinks. I say there is enough good information about wind energy to continue supporting it until it can sustain itself. I am hoping for the day when consumers can purchase them to individually power a home. I'm betting that even if we have to use other forms of power intermittently, it will still be cheaper and cleaner in the long run to have the wind turbines.

Joni Sheridan

Well actually it's a strange question! I don't see the utility bills getting smaller , in face Ca is going to heist the bills by 35% in october! insane highway thievery! Guess it's the same way I feel about continually throwingour youth's lives, and Taxpayer $$$$ to nations that absolutely despise us! So I guess the answer is a resounding NO? Fer Sewer!

Suezenne Fordham

I agree with what Joni Hunt Sheridan said , almost word for word! - "We've become so used to "instant gratification" in this country that if something doesn't work in a couple of year's time, we throw it out without giving it a chance to work out the kinks. I say there is enough good information about wind energy to continue supporting it until it can sustain itself. I am hoping for the day when consumers can purchase them to individually power a home. I'm betting that even if we have to use other forms of power intermittently, it will still be cheaper and cleaner in the long run to have the wind turbines." - it's true, that we need to give this more time. I am seeing lots of "wind farms" in the midwest. We need to give this a chance. Wind is a renewable and sustainable source, and coal is not... there's only a limited amount of coal in the world.

Karen Pilipuf Matus

Wind is an excellent local energy source and one of several local, renewable sources that need to be promoted just as we discourage petroleum. Big oil needs no subsidies of any kind for trapping our economies, for dictating a colonial foreign policy that leads the US into war for profit and for spreading disease and destruction throughout the scope and existence of the petroleum industry.

Gary Sanchez

Yes I think they should invest more to upgrade & increase these & soloar power.

Dora Trivett

Were sitting on a 300 years supply of natural gas, coal and oil in the United States alone that costs no tax payer money and there is technology to get it. But instead we give tax breaks and government subsidies to wind and solar companies, how does that make sense? Maybe it is time for the government to get out of the energy business and let the market do its job. As for the jobs it creates, an employee at any of the bankrupt green companies if it was a good deal.

Donald Webb

If something works the private sector is on top of it , trying to promote it, trying to make it more accessable, making more, making jobs, making money, paying taxes. You don't see this happening with wind power = why? because it is not working, it maybe profitable for some because the government is paying them = but it is not beneficial for the whole country. Wind is not a constant and personnally I think they destroy the scenic landscape (an eye sore!)

Patricia L Tanyhill

Nuclear power plants are not perminant, 1/3 of the ones we have now are close to or are past thier life cycle, like the space shuttle and out national power grid. What's next?. Residue from temporary nuclear power is a perminant problem. That like social security if its put off to our Mia-education children to figure out will fail. Bottom line, the hard right over the easy, convenient wrong... I am not anti nuclear, oil or coal but all those industrial had magor funding help from the government befor they became monopolies.

Craig Starr

go obama!

Don Lafave

Let's see the proof. The advantages, the disadvantages and mostly the bottom line. Kinda like demanding that Mitt Romney show his tax returns but not showing President Obama's. Time to tell the truth about the consequences of electric cars also and what happens to the batteries once they are used up. I'm just asking cause I truly do not know the answer, and I'm not alone.

Pat Byrne

the government can't do anything right. This is a health disaster waiting to happen. Research the health effects of the sub-sonic vibrtions from windfarms. people are dying from this s**t. Once the govt. gets involved, all research and evidence re this is censored, as with ALL government programs, from vaccinations to wars.

Paul E. Smith

I have read all the following comments, interestingly enough, none of you personally have given any of your own money to this effort. I personally have given to this failure for three years. Here in Texas, our local electric provider offers these green ideas, and wind turbines were encourged as here in West Texas, there is lots of land, flat, and windy. All that should encourage lots of electricity, so for all you green xxx, it is still being tried, I added 2.00 every month over my electric bill, just for this purpose, as did many others. Do you know, that every year so far, that's ten years, not only did we not produce any electricity that could be used for anything else, yes all it produced was used to keep those turbines going when the wind wasn't enough, BUT.

Karen Kriner-Waits

sorry I hit the post prematurely, BUT the cost for more electricity to keep them going was about $500,000., per year. So my answer is this. If the profit-making electric companies want to invest THEIR MONEY, have at it but no more of my money, the small amount I gave freely, or the large amount our government gives quite freely. Our current president, whom I voted for of my own free will, because I believed in the changes he said he was bringing, but like these turbines use up the wind, and cost all of the rest of us hard working people more money, are useless. So far in 3 1/2 years he has funded with our money 12, yes 12 bankrupt companies, to keep encouraging the green people. I believe that we must makes changes to preserve what God has provided as long as we care for it, and the Indian part of me cries out to see the destruction of coal stripping, so there has to be new ways to use the energies God has given us, without reducing us back to the dark ages. And for those of you who say pooh, go live in Calif. where when they close the nuclear plants producing electricity, and there is then enough electricity for 2-3 small cities, it will sure be dark, no tv, phones, refrigerators, heat dryers, etrc etc. I hope this sheds a little light on this a very serious problem.

Karen Kriner-Waits

yes, we need to keep trying to find more alternative means of power.. it would be a better, unpolluted world if we could get totally rid of fossil fuels....I love the wind idea for towns to be able to have their own power source.

Renee' Downs

What if we got a giant fan powered by a windmill to blow wind against the windmill? UNLIMITED ENERGY ZOMG.

Robbie Loucks

I side with President Obama. The sooner we harness renewable sources of energy, the safer and healthier we will be as a nation, and as an economy.

Carol Lee Doeden

They kill thousands of Bald Eagles every year! Nice!

Jeff Macri

We can pull that amount of money needed for developing clean wind energy out of the subsidies that Big Oil companies get from the government easily. I think funding wind energy with tax credits is important for the industry to grow to become something that we as a country can rely on that is much cleaner for the environment than drilling and chemically preparing oil.

Stephanie Angel

The Dutch has been using wind power for centuries.........................that is why they are such a world power, NOT!

Gary Cooper

If wind farms - or any energy source - proves itself to be efficient industry will dev develope it to make money. We don't need to waste our tax dollars on a concept that has not proved itself effective and efficient.

George Richardson Sr.